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Community Land Scotland

Storas Uibhist comment on sporting rates

    Huw Francis of Stòras Uibhist, the community owner which owns and manages close to 100,000 acres of land, including traditional shooting and fishing, said,

    “The re-introduction of Sporting Rates would bring to an end an anomaly enjoyed by the owners of Sporting Rights, who currently do not have to pay business rates on what can be a substantial and lucrative part of their business. Stòras Uibhist pays well over £50k in rates already for other parts of its business and sees no reason why the Sporting sector should be exempt from business rates.”

    “Since the community took control of the land we have taken a loss making private estate and now generate a surplus from the sporting elements and the wider estate business, to re-invest in the fishing and shooting infrastructure, employing gamekeepers, a fishery manager and hospitality staff at the Lodge and generating work for local ghillies, as well as progressing other development projects and supporting crofting. Sporting rates are unlikely to make any difference to our commitment to our employees and maintaining the sporting aspect of our business. As a social enterprise we pay our business rates and make a proper contribution to the revenues of the Local Council and support the payment of Sporting Rates by all sporting estates to the local authority for the greater good of the local community and Scotland as a whole.”