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Representing Scotland’s Community Landowners

Community Land Scotland represents Scotland’s new generation of community land owners. Together our members are managing some 560,000 acres of land, home to some 25,000 people.

Supporting Community Land Ownership

We have a vision of more communities reaping the benefits of community land ownership. We work to inspire aspirant communities and influence the public policies that can help them. Have a look at our Eight Step Guide to a Community Land Buyout.

Promoting a Socially Just Scotland

We believe that we cannot create a more socially just Scotland without tackling land ownership. Half of the country’s privately owned land is held by just 432 owners and a mere 16 owners hold 10% of Scotland (Wightman 2013) – we want to see more of Scotland’s land in the hands of more of Scotland’s people.

When communities purchase the land on which their people live and work, they are freed to reinvigorate their areas and improve the prospects of future generations.

Community land purchase is the start of a long journey, often to reverse many years of decline. The purchase quickly stimulates the feeling of confidence which empowers communities to develop economic opportunities, enable the development of vital housing, build on a growing awareness of environment and heritage to enliven the social life of its people.

Renewal and Repopulation

We have a section on our website for renewal and repopulation, this page of our website is dedicated to promoting and thinking about the legitimate place of people in the landscape in considering how to promote renewal and the repopulation of rural Scotland.  The aim of this page is to encourage thinking about the renewal and repopulation of rural Scotland.  The page will be updated regularly with featured papers and articles.


Why Community Land Ownership? Hear from our members…

“Land ownership has given the community an opportunity to develop its own economy after many decades of decline.”
Storas Uibhist

“Community land ownership gives us hard earned security of tenure and a future to control ourselves.”
Isle of Rum Community Trust

“It has given hope for the future that the local community will be something more than a holiday home resort in 20 years time. For the first time the community is shaping its own future.”
West Harris Trust

“Since becoming owners last year the sense of ownership has helped to bring the community together and has opened up a wide range of opportunities.”
Evanton Wood Community Co.

“Community ownership gives us exciting opportunities for affordable housing, economic development, entrepreneurship, local amenity and development of tourism potential”
Colintraive and Glendaruel Development Trust

“Community land ownership means a future for our community”
Sleat Community Trust

“The difference since the community buyout is like night & day. The population has increased and improvements to infrastructure have made a huge difference”
Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust

“Community land ownership would offer self-determination and autonomy in an area that is lacking both.”
Pre-purchase community

“Community land ownership would act as a catalyst to regenerate enthusiasm & a sense of pride, create potential for new opportunties in jobs & prospects for young people to stay in our community”
Pre-purchase community

“Owning our local assets and managing them will create more opportunities for people to work together and develop a sense of local ownership and responsibility. A stronger and more sustainable future is a key driver behind our buyout aspirations.”
Pre-purchase community

“Community ownership would enable those who live and work in our village a say in what happens in their community”
Pre-purchase community

Support the growth of community land ownership in Scotland.
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