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Community Land Scotland

Pairc Trust

The Pairc Estate is owned by the local community in South Lochs, Lewis. In total, there are 213 crofts on the Estate spread between 11 townships. The Estate has a significant history with regards to the Highland Clearances and Community Land Ownership. December 2015 saw the Pairc Estate ownership transfer to the Pairc Trust from a private landlord after a lengthy and complex community buyout – documented in the book “A Long and Tangled Saga” by Dr Bob Chambers.

The Pairc Trust aims to ensure that a century of population decline is reversed, safeguarding a good quality of life and a resilient community for current and for future generations. This will be achieved by putting the community at the heart of what we do, supporting projects which develop affordable housing solutions and improving local facilities, and sustainably developing our local economy, whilst considering climate adaptation and mitigation solutions.