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Community Land Scotland

Discussing Urban Community Land

Community Land Scotland hosts an Urban Gathering annually. The aim is to bring together communities in towns or cities who own, or are interested in buying, land or other assets.

We focus on peer-to-peer learning. We share how we’ve been working strategically to address the challenges urban community groups are coming up against. This gathering also provides a space for communities to network and share ideas.

The 1st Urban Gathering was hosted in January 2019, identifying challenges and experiences faced by urban groups.

A group room full of people sat in groups of 8 at 10 tables watching a group of 3 people on a stage.

The Urban Gathering 2022 In Pictures

In 2022 the Urban Gathering was hosted at The Kinning Park Complex in Glasgow. Communities from Glasgow and the Clyde Valley, Edinburgh, Dumfries, Inverness and Aberdeen came together to share their experiences of Community Ownership in towns and cities. 

Have a look at the day below!

Visual Minutes 2022