North Edinburgh Arts

North Edinburgh Arts is a trusted community anchor for Muirhouse, West Pilton and the surrounding neighbourhoods. It is the creative hub for the area and centre for social exchange, tackling social isolation and an informal, welcoming one stop shop for community support.

Our key assets and services include a relevant and inspiring arts programme for all ages, the community shed project, flourishing community garden, community meeting space and a refurbished café.  We currently lease the land our building and garden stand on and we wish to buy these, plus additional contiguous land to secure these assets for the community for the long term.

NEA has strong ambitions to do even more for the community it serves. By extending its presence particularly its working areas and café, we aim to consolidate its position as the go to cultural organisation for the area to become more of a venue for major festival events and commissions. Our goal is to be at the forefront of informing and influencing local developments, such as the Waterfront Developments.

We are aware that local and national agencies recognise NEA as the key strategic cultural and community partner for the North West of the city and we want to maximise our opportunities and build on existing work over the next three to five years.



15a Pennywell Court
0131 3156 410

Key contact: Kate Wimpress