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Community Land Scotland

PAS is assisting Isle of Rum Community Trust with preparation of their Community Land Use Plan

    At the Community Land Scotland conference in 2013, PAS (formerly known as Planning Aid for Scotland) and The Isle of Rum Community Trust (IRCT) came together to discuss collaborating on an community-led and engagement-based land use plan for the 100 hectares of land which was transferred from Scottish Natural Heritage to the Trust in 2009.

    One of IRCT’s key aims is to increase the island’s population of currently around 30 people. In order to do this, more houses are needed on the island. However, the desire of IRCT and the islanders to do things for themselves and to shape the future of the island needs to be balanced with the need to protect the island’s unique landscape.

    PAS is currently is delivering an innovative and comprehensive engagement programme with residents of the island (including young people) and other key stakeholders – including Highland Council officers and representatives from Scottish Government agencies, which will form the basis of the community-led plan. The final outcome, it is hoped, will be a document which the Highland Council can adopt as supplementary guidance to the forthcoming West Highlands and Islands Local Development Plan.

    PAS enables people in Scotland to understand and engage with the places they live in through advice, training, events and awareness raising, so that everyone has the power to create positive communities for the future.

    Full details of PAS can be found on their website