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Friends of the Broadway Prestwick

The group’s business plan is about creating a successful, self-sustaining, hard-working venue in which its unique heritage is utilized to the full. It will be a venue where everyone in Prestwick feels welcome and engaged, a high-quality public space, or living-room for the town. The Broadway of the future will be a cinema, a café, an inclusive inter-generational social center, an arts and culture hub, a space for meetings, a place where people can learn new skills, a social enterprise hub, a rehearsal and performance space, and host to the Museum of Scottish Cinemas. This will be the only one in Scotland and a major attraction for the town. All of these varied uses will bring increased footfall to the town and increase the revenues of other businesses. The Broadway will address identified shortfalls in cinema screen provision in the region. It will address a lack of medium-sized venues in South Ayrshire. It will address shortfalls in all-weather tourist attractions. Above all, it will significantly enhance the quality and quantity of social interactions in the town.