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Community Land Scotland

Finderne Development Trust

Finderne Development Trust (FDT) was formed in 2018 to act as the anchor organisation and key driver of the sustainable rural regeneration of the area of Finderne. Finderne is a stunningly beautiful part of Scotland and the Trust will work towards unlocking the future for Finderne and achieving its vision.

FDT’s vision captures Finderne’s special sense of place, its outstanding environmental and cultural qualities and its ambition to help nurture these qualities whilst at the same time helping to make it socially attractive and economically possible for people of all ages to live and make their livelihoods in the area for the long term.

We wish to buy land as part of a community-led affordable housing project at Brockloch, Rafford, within the Finderne community area.

Ownership of the land in question will facilitate the development of a community-led affordable housing scheme. This project will positively impact the communities? demographics and increase the provision of informal childcare and support for elderly residents by attracting and retaining young economically and socially active families who will support local businesses, public services, and community activities. By developing a project with a mix of appropriate tenures and house designs, the outputs will meet present needs of the community and will support its future sustainable development.

The community are strongly in support of us purchasing the land at Brockloch and developing community owned affordable housing on the site. The adjacent land will secure land for local food production, leisure, provision of retail/office space, off road parking and EV charging. The demand is clearly evidenced through our Housing Needs & Business Survey and through our local consultation events. If we are able to take forward this project, it will have significant benefits to the community.