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SSE Sustainable Development Fund – Grant secured by Aigas Community Forest

    Congratulations due to our members Aigas Community Forest who have recently been awarded a £20,000 grant from SSE Highland Sustainable Development Fund towards the purchase and development of Aigas Forest. This provides them with the match finding required to complete purchase of 50ha of the forest and to employ a part-time Development Officer for 2 years.

    Andrew Leaver of Aigas Community Forest said;

    “Aigas Community Forest has been working for over five years to bring the Aigas woodlands in Strathglass under community control.  With the support of the SSE Highland Sustainable Development Fund we now have all the funding in place to make our plans come to fruition.  With a strong community focus and the conservation of local wildlife at the core of what we do, we will now be able to produce measurable economic benefits for the surrounding area whilst also increasing recreational access through the creation of a path network within and beyond the forest.  Our thanks go to SSE and our other funders for their contributions to our exciting project.”