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Community Land Scotland

Easter Breich Wood Community Group

Easter Breich Wood is an attractive area of woodland between Seafield and Oakbank bordered by the the River Almond and Breich Water. It has a scenic pond and is part of a path network linking the area to Livingston and to National Cycle Route 75.

This project will acquire Easter Breich Woodland from the current owner, Green Action Trust (GAT), for the benefit of the communities of Seafield, Polbeth and West Calder. The wood currently is an important green space for the local residents as well as visitors from the wider Livingston area. It is popular for recreation, as part of the core path network and also a habitat corridor for an array of woodland and river species. The project will maintain and improve the woodland, footpaths, and bridleways, for the provision of recreational activities with the object of improving the quality of life and health of the community.