Applecross Community Company

The Applecross Community Company (ACC) represents the Applecross community and its purpose, as defined by its articles of association, is“to manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the Community and the public in general”.

ACC came to life in 2008 when the community took the opportunity to run our own community filling station. Since those early days we have grown in confidence and experience, and today we aim to make a difference to all aspects of community life.  At present, ACC own the community filling station, community toilets and broadband scheme, AppleNet.

In 2018 ACC undertook a survey to understand the community’s current needs, ideas and aspirations for the area. Based on this information and ACC board workshops, ACC has developed an action plan which identifies three strategic themes: Affordable Housing, Local Economy and Community & Wellbeing.


Filling Station
Shore Street
IV54 8LR

Key contact: Roslyn Clarke, LDO