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Community Land Scotland

Invitation from Community Land Scotland to participate in a research survey on community land ownership and the climate emergency

    Scotland’s diverse sector of asset-owning community organisations is helping to address the climate emergency. This is being achieved through a range of initiatives. Community bodies are providing education and advice on energy efficiency, supporting local food growing and consumption, and helping people to reuse, repair and recycle. They are undertaking renewable energy generation, peatland and woodland conservation and sustainable transport initiatives. This list is not exhaustive, illustrating the wide range of potential means through which community owners of land and built assets can address climate change.

    Community Land Scotland wishes to document and showcase the diverse ways in which communities that own land and/or buildings are using these assets or otherwise engaging in initiatives to respond to the climate emergency. We have asked Inherit to carry out this research on our behalf to identify the range and extent of previous and current initiatives involving community land and built asset owners.

    The first stage of the research consists of an online survey. We would be grateful if you would complete this so that we can document how community land and built asset owners are helping Scotland to address climate change. Feel free to circulate this invitation around your network.

    The survey is open from Tuesday 24th November 2020 and closes on Friday 15th January 2021. You can access the survey using this link:

    We wish to hear from you if:

    • You represent an organisation which owns land and/or buildings, works for the benefit of local people and is accountable to an open membership within your local community;
    • Your organisation is currently or has previously been engaged in activities which in some way could help address the climate emergency. We are interested in initiatives of all scales and types which are making a contribution to tackling climate change and its impacts.

    Please contact Dr Bobby Macaulay at Inherit if you have any questions regarding the research –