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Gigha launches Community Fund

    The Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust have announced they are launching a Community Fund to benefit the residents of Gigha and help support a thriving and healthy community on the island. The Fund will provide grants to individuals and community organisations on the island up to £1000. The Fund is being supported through the renewable energy income generated through Gigha’s Dancing Ladies wind turbines. Anyone on the island who is looking for support for training, skills development or bursaries or help to set up a business can apply. Community groups who want to put on events or activities, look after the heritage or natural environment or need to buy essential equipment can also apply.

    Ian Wilson – Chair of the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust said: ‘The Boards of the Trust and Gigha Renewable Energy Limited are really pleased to be able to announce this Fund. Now we have stabilised the Trust finances and are in a much better financial position, we are able to invest in our community in different ways. Gigha is a great place to live and work and we are really keen to help our young people stay and return, help businesses grow and support the community groups on our island. The purpose of the Fund is to help our community grow and thrive so we hope groups supporting our elderly residents, the School, Church and Village Hall amongst others, will be able to use the Fund to make Gigha an even better place to live.’

    The Fund will be officially open for applications in early December but people with potential ideas can find out more at Gigha’s Community Open Day on Tuesday 19th November or get in touch with the Trust directly.

    For more details please contact the Isle of Gigha Heritage Trust Office on 01583 505390 or