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Community Land Scotland

Urban Journeys: Greener Kirkcaldy

In Autumn 2020, as part of our Urban Journeys project with Greener Kirkcaldy and The Stove Network, two local artists – Hazel Terry and Catherine Lindow created a mural for the Greener Kirkcaldy Welcome Area.

Finished in April 2021, the mural celebrates the community ownership of our building and tells the story of Greener Kirkcaldy and how the community has led their work over the last 10 years. They  purchased the community building with funding from the Scottish Land Fund in 2017 and refurbished it with the help of a grant from the Big Lottery Fund’s Community Assets programme. They opened the building, which houses our new Lang Spoon Community Kitchens, as well as office and an events space, to the public in April 2019.

“We had always thought of community land ownership as something that happened in other places, the islands or highland estates. When one of our volunteer board members first suggested that WE could buy land it felt radical, daunting and exciting. That was in 2013…we took ownership of our town centre property in February 2017. It has been a rollercoaster ride of learning, partnership development and the gradual realisation that we could actually do this.”   

Suzy, Greener Kirkcaldy Chief Executive

To create the mural, Hazel and Catherine interviewed staff, volunteers, members, partners, participants and our wider community to find out how they have been involved in, impacted by, and contributed to our work over the last 10 years. The mural tells your stories – and what Greener Kirkcaldy means to you. Read more about the ‘making of the mural‘.

You can see the mural by visiting our building at 8 East Fergus Place, Kirkcaldy. Hazel and Catherine have also produced a digital version of the mural on Genially, which is available below!