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Community Land Scotland

Research on Diverse Groups and Community Ownership

14 September 2023

We have commissioned Community Enterprise to carry out research on experiences of people from ethnic minority backgrounds in community ownership of buildings and land. 

Please complete the survey using the link below,  and get in touch if you have any questions. 

Research Need

Scotland benefits from its social diversity. In our experience bringing together diverse perspectives – such the young, old, those with fewer resources and those with plenty, New Scots, etc – creates the most innovative solutions to delivering fairer land ownership and use. There are opportunities for the community land sector from social diversity, but also challenges in current practice.

In the interests of creating an ever stronger and inclusive model for community land ownership, we have commissioned research into the challenges and successful models for accessing land and buildings by groups focused on social diversity and inclusion. We would like to learn more about property needs of groups with inclusion aims and how community land ownership can best support them– the barriers, the successes, and what can be done to build a more inclusive community land sector.

Two shelves stacked with teacups of all different shapes and sizes.
Research Aim

The aim of this research is to gather experiences of diverse groups’ involvement with community land ownership across Scotland, and develop policy responses for inclusion.

We think that Scottish community land models which require open membership for a community of geography provide a robust basis for including everyone and we want to understand how diverse and minority community experiences can better be included in current practice.

We want to share good practice of those from diverse backgrounds purchasing or using community-owned buildings.

Evidence also suggests that those from ethnic-minority backgrounds may face additional challenges in owning or leasing community land or buildings. This research will identify challenges and explore solutions.

Get Involved 

Responses are welcome from groups who own land and buildings as well as those considering ownership or leasing. If your organisation works with people from ethnic-minority backgrounds or in ethnically-diverse communities we would encourage you to fill out this survey.  There is also the opportunity to be involved in focus groups or interview– please get in touch.

The survey will be open until Saturday 25th November.


If you have any questions about this survey – or would like to discuss your experience in more detail – please get in touch with Carey Doyle at Community Land Scotland.