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Tayvallich Initiative

Tayvallich Initiative: Community ownership for affordable housing, local jobs, sustaining land and community

The Tayvallich peninsula in Mid Argyll is an exceptional place, where landscape and sympathetic farming enable nationally and internationally important wildlife to prosper. The local community has come together in the Tayvallich Initiative (a company limited by guarantee, with charitable status) to manage some land that was gifted to the community by the previous owners of Tayvallich Estate and to purchase further land for community ownership. Tayvallich Initiative was established in 2022 when – after more than 70 years of ownership by one family – Tayvallich Estate, which covers around 3,500 acres of the peninsula, was sold to Highlands Rewilding Ltd. The sale creates an opportunity to secure and enhance the value of this special area.

Our vision is to protect and enhance what makes Tayvallich and surrounding area unique: its rich natural heritage, the community’s resilience, and the strong connection between its people and the land and sea. Reversing depopulation and maintaining and developing employment in the area are key concerns, while also maintaining the area’s natural richness and responding and adapting to the climate and biodiversity emergencies. Community land ownership helps to enable these ambitions to be realised.