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Community Land Scotland

Kinlochard Cottages Residents Association

7 Kinlochard Cottages Aberfoyle Stirling. FK8 3TW

Andy Manders

Kinlochard Cottages Residents Association has an interest registered under CRtB in two areas of land of significance to the well-being and prosperity of our community.

We believe that community ownership offers the best way to ensure that this land and the life it enables is properly valued, respected and utilised for the contribution it can make to present and future community well-being.

Key elements of our Community Life Plan – such as exploring the potential for developing greater self-sufficiency in food and (renewable) energy production; increasing skills, capacity & resilience; environmental protection and enhancement; and economic diversification beyond limited and out-dated tourism models – are to a considerable extent dependent upon breaking a local pattern of land/development speculation.

Community ownership for us is about securing a means and a resource through which the people who live here can play a proper – and enriching – part in determining the future of this place as challenge and opportunity arise.