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Community Land Scotland

Birdston Regeneration Group

24 Cortmalaw Avenue Milton of Campsie Glasgow. G66 8AT

Jenny Reeve, Treasurer

Birdston Regeneration Group SCIO was formed by local community in response to works being carried out at the former Birdston Coup site. Formerly an active dump, the Coup was decommissioned in the early ’90’s. It is known that nuclear waste was buried at the site, along with other known carcinogens such as asbestos. Although required by East Dunbartonshire Planning to properly cap the site and return it to agricultural use, it is the group’s understanding that this did not happen; large areas of the site have been confirmed by SEPA to be poorly covered, with materials protruding through the ground. In 2019, the site changed hands to a company known as Birdston Management LTD, also run by the Directors of ‘Practical Waste Solutions’, a company based in Northern Ireland.

Birdston Regeneration Group proposes to bring the land at Birdston Coup into community ownership, to be restored safely to public use as a community green space which promotes biodiversity, and reinstates the core path in order that it can once again become a functioning public right of way. The group has reached out to Birdston Management LTD to propose a negotiated sale as well as pursuing a Community Right to Buy Part 2 application.

We are looking for support from our local communities to promote the work of BRG and to provide informed information and advice. Our charitable status allows us to recruit Members (no fee involved) who may vote at our formal meetings to determine policy direction.