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Community Land Scotland

Extending International Connections – Membership with International Land Coalition

    Community Land Scotland has been admitted into membership of the International Land Coalition (ILC) which seeks to support community land rights and land reform movements around the world.

    Membership was granted following a presentation our Policy Director, Peter Peacock, made to the Global Land Forum in Dakar recently and where he joined with over 400 delegates from land reform groups around the world.

    This involvement with the ILC follows a significant contribution they made to an event in March 2014 on human rights and land reform at the Bunchrew Seminar which Community Land Scotland held and which helped inform some of the new thinking around the land reform debate in Scotland on land and the progressive realisation of human rights.

    Of the Dakar event, Peter Peacock said,

    “Although there are many differences, the similarities between what is happening to advance land reform in Scotland and many other parts of the world is truly remarkable and striking. There is much we can learn from international experience, but others in the world are also very interested in the approach Scotland is taking and which is leading thinking about community land rights in some respects.”