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Community Land Scotland

Welcome for Wider Package of Land Reform Proposals Announced Today

    Commenting on the full range of land reform proposals published for the first time today (02/12/2014) by the Scottish Government, David Cameron of Community Land Scotland said,

    “This full range of land reform proposals, adding to what the First Minister announced last week, represents a comprehensive package of important reforming proposals.

    “The statement of land policy sends a clear message that land is to be managed in the public interest and for the common good, and that greater diversity in land ownership is an objective of government policy. This is very welcome.

    “The further ideas to give a new and wider role for the Forestry Commission are  interesting and potentially powerful, as are the greater details we now have on how Ministers will be able to intervene to protect the public interest in land transactions, and on the role for the Land Reform Commission.

    “We now look forward to studying the detail closely and offering our comments on how the law might be shaped to give effect to these proposals. We will judge the proposals against what they will actually be able to deliver by way of more socially just and diverse land ownership patterns in Scotland, this will be the acid test of their ultimate success, but they look very promising in this regard.

    “Land reform looks set to dominate much debate over the next couple of years, with a clear agenda for change emerging, this is encouraging and long overdue.

    ”While the forces for the status quo will no doubt gather and threaten dire consequences if any change of any importance takes place, the time for change is now and obvious.”