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St Fittick’s Peoples Park

During the midst of the COVID crisis of 2020, many Torry residents were shocked to find a notice in their letterboxes informing them that there was to be a new designation imposed on much of the surrounding  area, as part of an ‘Energy Transition Zone’. This area could encompass  part of the local golf course, the local rare breeds farm (Doonies),  and St. Fittick’s Park.

For many thousands of us living in Torry, St. Fittick’s is our only green space accessible without public transport or a car, and is part of the heart of our community. Our Torry is a long suffering area, having taken the brunt of dirty industrial development in the city for decades. From the destruction of Old Torry to the current South Harbour Development, we have been fighting against unwanted encroachment onto our landscape and community spaces for a long time.

This new threat to our only remaining green space has spurred us into action, to combine our efforts locally to protect and ensure the survival of our critical green spaces!

Our mission is therefore simply to:

  1. Ensure that the Energy Transition Zone does not develop St. Fittick’s Park in any capacity.
  2. Build on the already excellent community engagement in St. Fittick’s Park and increase local education on the area.
  3. Enhance and improve the existing community space around the park area for all to enjoy.