Inchinnan Development Trust

The Village of Inchinnan is the home of an ancient and historical woodland, which is currently owned (privately) by the Blythswood Trust. The Trust indicated their intention to sell the 14.4 acres of woodland, which gives the people of Inchinnan the opportunity to secure the woodland as a community asset.

Inchinnan Development Trust is ready to ensure the lives of Inchinnan’s villagers are enhanced through the preservation and development of our woodlands and green spaces.

Inchinnan residents propose to use the woodland for:
– Preservation, enhancement and protection of local native woodland, preventing further destruction and fragmentation from developments
– Improved physical and mental wellbeing. Green places are scientifically shown to reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, two things that have significantly increased due to Covid.
– Improved local environment
– proximity to and impacts from Glasgow Airport, new housing developments, Business Park and fast roads impact on noise and air pollution.
– Forest School and outdoor learning site could be established.
– Accessible path network, the woodland should be accessible to everyone.
– Community litter picks, building pride and sense of community spirit
– Intergenerational connections between the older and younger residents.
– Non-native species removal through community volunteering


27 Ballater Drive

Key contact: Maggie Morrison