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Welcome to Strengthening of the Land Reform Bill

Commenting on a number of improvements made to the Land Reform Bill in Parliament today, a spokesman for Community Land Scotland said, “The Land Reform Bill had very significant and important changes made to it today, strengthening references to the human rights of ordinary people through land reform, making improvements to how the new Land… Read more »

Breakthrough on transparency of ownership

Commenting on the announcement by the Scottish Government that they were now going to create a public Register of the people who really own Scotland, Community Land Scotland said, “Given where we were a week ago, when the Scottish Government seemed to be saying they were yet to be convinced this was possible, today’s announcement… Read more »

Land Reform Bill Stage 1 Report published

Community Land Scotland welcome the detailed, substantial and thorough Stage 1 Report from RACCE Committee of Parliament on need for and ideas on how to strengthen the Land Reform Bill. Find the report here Read the executive summary here