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Community Wealth Building – Delivering Transformation in Scotland’s Local and Regional Economies: A Briefing Paper for MSPs

  This briefing paper has been prepared for MSPs in advance of the Scottish Government debate on ‘Community Wealth Building – Delivering Transformation in Scotland’s Local and Regional Economies’, taking place in Parliament on May 25th 2022. Community Land Scotland welcomes this timely debate and strongly supports community wealth building as a way of delivering… Read more »

Another £10million for community buy-outs

The Scottish Government have announced that the Scottish Land Fund will continue until 2020 and support will be trebled to £10 million a year to help communities buy their own land. The previous Land Fund awarded £9 million over three years to 52 communities throughout Scotland. Of the 500,000 acres of land already in community ownership, over 90,000… Read more »

Latest Stage of Land Reform Welcomed

Community Land Scotland is today (16.03.16) welcoming the passage of the latest Land Reform Bill. A spokesman said, “Today’s passage of the Land Reform Bill represents important progress in taking Scotland further down the road toward more enlightened land laws and in extending the rights of communities to own land. The Bill that is completing… Read more »

Land Reform – a statement from Aileen McLeod MSP

In a statement regarding the Land Reform Bill, community ownership and the role of Community Land Scotland, Minister for Environment, Land Reform and Climate Change, Dr Aileen McLeod said: The Land Reform Bill will fundamentally change the relationship between the people of Scotland and the land that we live, work and depend on. This Bill is the… Read more »

Welcome to Strengthening of the Land Reform Bill

Commenting on a number of improvements made to the Land Reform Bill in Parliament today, a spokesman for Community Land Scotland said, “The Land Reform Bill had very significant and important changes made to it today, strengthening references to the human rights of ordinary people through land reform, making improvements to how the new Land… Read more »

Breakthrough on transparency of ownership

Commenting on the announcement by the Scottish Government that they were now going to create a public Register of the people who really own Scotland, Community Land Scotland said, “Given where we were a week ago, when the Scottish Government seemed to be saying they were yet to be convinced this was possible, today’s announcement… Read more »

Land Reform & Human Rights – new paper published

Megan MacInnes (advisor to campaign group Global Witness) and Dr Kirsteen Shields (lecturer in Public Law and Human Rights at the University of Dundee) have this month published a paper entitled The Land Reform (Scotland) Bill and Human Rights: Key Points and Recommendations. The Abstract follows: This paper supports the view that human rights can be… Read more »

Land Reform Bill Stage 1 Report published

Community Land Scotland welcome the detailed, substantial and thorough Stage 1 Report from RACCE Committee of Parliament on need for and ideas on how to strengthen the Land Reform Bill. Find the report here Read the executive summary here

BLOG: How does the Land Reform Bill shape up to international land rights standards?

Community Land Scotland is pleased to publish an important piece of work by Megan MacInnes which analyses the Land Reform Bill currently before the Scottish Parliament against the provisions on the internationally agreed Voluntary Guidance on the Governance of Tenure. This is possibly the first such analysis comparing Scotland’s land reform proposal against internationally agreed… Read more »