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Community Land Ownership – The Difference it Makes

More and more communities across Scotland are taking control of the places where they live through community land ownership, creating benefits not just for existing residents but also for the many generations to come. Research by Community Land Scotland shows that, when communities buy their land, they can reap a number of benefits – including… Read more »

2015 Feed in Tariff Review – Responses Needed

Calling all Community Energy Scotland / Community Land Scotland members who are receiving FiT payments for their renewable energy project; and for those who may wish to develop a project. Your input is vital to help make the case to retain the FiT and the opportunity to develop further FiT scale projects. On 27 August, DECC… Read more »

Hydro Power for Argyll Communities

A hydro power scheme which could produce enough power for over 800 homes each year was officially opened last week. The new jointly owned project in Glen Fyne, Argyll is now connected to the national grid, and it is estimated it will produce around 3.2 million kilowatt hours (kWh) each year, equivalent to the annual consumption of… Read more »