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Community Land Supporters are a network of individuals who support our work, the concept of community land ownership and the need to challenge the existing pattern of land ownership in Scotland.

As a Supporter, you will be making a statement for a more diverse model of land ownership for Scotland and showing your support for the people of Scotland who are taking responsibility for what happens with the land that they live on.

At a time when more and more communities are benefiting from community ownership and with land reform back on the all-party political agenda, your statement of support and the additional resources will help push the change that is needed forwards. You will receive a Welcome Pack, newsletter updates, a small gift as a token of our appreciation, our sincere thanks and the knowledge that you are part of the movement which is empowering people through creating fairer land ownership in Scotland.

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Please ask your bank for the relevant form or, if available, complete on-line.
Our relevant details are Sort Code 08 92 99 and Account Number 65438112 in the name of Community Land Scotland.
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What are you Supporting?

  • Local Democracy

Community land ownership allows a truly bottom-up approach to land management. Community landowners are born from the desire of local people to be collectively responsible for what happens with the land in their local area. With the land managed through a democratically elected community trust, decisions are taken by the people who are affected by them and income generated from the land & assets remains within the community.

  • Empowered Communities

We believe that there is a release of energy and ambition when communities take ownership of land, leading to long term re-invigoration of that community. Working together, landowning communities are free to embrace the opportunities, and grow stronger through the challenges, of grassroots land management and development.

  • A Fairer Scotland

*Currently half of Scotland’s privately owned land is held by just 432 owners and a mere 16 owners hold 10% of Scotland (Wightman 2013). We believe that it is crucial to address the existing pattern of land ownership if we are to build a more equal and socially just Scotland. Through representing and supporting Scotland’s community landowners, we aim to see more of Scotland’s land in the hand of more of Scotland’s people.

We believe that communities who wish for the above to be their reality should have the right to make it so and should be supported through the process. As a Community Land Scotland Supporter, you will be giving us valuable financial assistance as well as a stronger voice, allowing our work to continue and grow.

Hear from our Supporters

Comments from Community Land Scotland Supporters on why they support community land ownership and the work of Community Land Scotland –

“Community Land Scotland and its members have set an agenda for promoting community land ownership which is ambitious, vitally important and will become a touchstone for those of us working on land reform globally”
Megan MacInnes, London

“I’m interested in land reform and very much supportive of the communities which have been successful in gaining ownership of their local area – and even more supportive of those who haven’t yet but want to.  I hope that the successes so far are just the start of a big change.”
Jonathan Agnew, Perthshire

“I support community land ownership because it enables communities to make sustainable and inclusive choices regarding how land and associated assets are used for the common good.  I’m pleased to be a Supporter of Community Land Scotland because of the  vital role the organisation plays in representing the views of community landowners on issues of common interest”
Dr Calum Macleod, Stirlingshire

“Community Land Scotland have done an extraordinary job of pushing the issue of land ownership up the political agenda, and of refreshing and reframing the terms of the debate. Linkages with the human rights agenda and the international land movements have dramatically shifted the ground on which that debate is conducted, and opened it up many people who may have paid little attention in the past. If ever an organisation has punched above their weight, it is Community Land Scotland.”
Norman MacAskill, Inverness

“Scotland was still a feudal country until the late 20th century and continues to lag behind every European country in terms of land ownership, land laws, land use and land taxes all of which are indicators of the real need for reform. Land reform in Scotland must surely now become a priority issue for all of us whether local and national government members, tenant farmer, community groups (urban and rural) and everyone frustrated by restrictions to potential use of or progressive developments that are in the local and public interest.”
Jean Urquhart, Ullapool  

“The expansion of community ownership is much the most encouraging thing that’s happened in the Highlands and Islands in my lifetime. In Gigha, Eigg, Knoydart, Harris and all the other places where people have taken over the land around them they’ve reversed decades of decline and depopulation, built new homes, created new businesses – done all sorts of things, in short, that were previously said to be impossible. At the root of those achievements is the human energy that’s liberated when people find the confidence needed to take charge of their own lives, their own surroundings, their own locality. Community ownership is now a proven way forward not just for the Highlands and Islands but for Scotland generally. That’s why we need much more of it.”
Jim Hunter, Kirkhill

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