Wanlockhead Community Trust

Wanlockhead – Scotland’s Highest Village, nestled in the beautiful Lowther Hills, is working towards a community buyout. Wanlockhead has a rich history of its community always enabling progress. There has been a long stagnation in opportunities, resulting in a declining population in the last 50 years. But they believe that by local endeavour there can be a turn around for a brighter future for their community.

Wanlockhead Community Trust was formed after a successful Public Meeting, to introduce the idea of the community taking advantage of the Scottish Government’s Land Reform Act 2016 and registering an interest in a community buyout of land around Wanlockhead.

The Trust is owned by Wanlockhead residents and governed by a board of trustees. The trustees are elected annually by the Trust members.


  • To ensure a brighter future for their community,environment and economy
  • To manage community land and associated assets for the benefit of the community and the public in general, as an important part of the protection and sustainable development of Scotland’s natural environment
  • To advance the education of the community and the public in general about the environment, culture and/or history of the land
  • To ensure the sustainability of our community, which is under threat from serious socio-economic problems
  • To safeguard the natural and cultural heritage of the land for future generations




Key contact: Mac Blewer