Rousay Eglisay & Wyre Development Trust

The Trust was successful in the purchase of land, Trumland land on Rousay, for the community in August 2020.

The following aims are important in the management of the land. They were deemed high priority in our community survey in 2018;

  • Protecting and enhancing biodiversity with sensitive maintenance of habitats for wildlife and flora.
  • To maintain and enhance the condition of the environment.
  • To provide access for recreation and education purposes, creation/maintenance of pathways, provision of information, signposting and information boards.

To deliver these aims, we are developing a management plan with guidance from local and national organisations and continued discussion with members of the community across all three islands and neighbouring landowners.

We are developing a project to open the hilly, heartland of Rousay to residents. The early stages will focus on the design and construction of a pathway and viewpoint area which is accessible for all abilities and ages. The design will be sympathetic to the needs of the community, the sensitive habitat and wildlife and to the aesthetic of the surrounding landscape.


The Manse,
KW17 2PU
01856 821229

Key contact: Eleanor Barr