Morvern Community Woodlands


Morvern Community Woodlands was established in 2002 with the objectives of bringing local woodlands into management for community benefit, promoting and developing woodland and timber-related skills within the community and providing woodland education and recreation opportunities.

Over time the group has developed, becoming a company limited by guarantee in 2004 and becoming more proactive in taking forward woodland-related development.

In March 2015 Morvern Community Woodlands bought Achnaha Wood, an area of 8ha of woodland (with a beach) a mile and a half west of Lochaline. This was made possible by local fundraising and the Scottish Land Fund. Achnaha Wood had previously been leased from the Forestry Commission and this was the site where the innovative ‘lever and mulch’ rhododendron removal technique was developed and put into practice. Achnaha has been transformed from a dark, rhododendron-choked jungle into a welcoming broadleaved woodland. This is thanks to the incredible hard work of members of the local community. The wood is now used regularly for walking, playing, outside theatre, education and community events.

Morvern Community Woodlands Company currently has eight volunteer directors and works with many other local groups and individuals.


5a The Croft House
PA80 5XU

01967 421792

Key contact: Claire Manthorpe - Secretary