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Lockerbie Old School Project

The Lockerbie Old School Community project is run by a committee of volunteers working towards creating a community facility for Lockerbie. Through the process of Asset Transfer from the council the Dryfe Road school building changed ownership to the community in October 2020, the committee aims to create a not for profit but financially viable venue where the people of Lockerbie can gather, learn and grow as a community.

The vision is to see the currently vacant building brought back to life. The Old School building presents an opportunity to create a facility, providing space for a wide range of activities which will provide employment, volunteering, educational and social opportunities for the people of Lockerbie and the surrounding area. We are working closely with the community to identify areas of greatest need and want then incorporate the answers within our final design, which is currently being worked on.

The aspiration is to create a multi-use facility for the town and the surrounding area to include:

  • space for community and social activities
  • space for arts, performance and heritage
  • space for business and office services
  • space to be outside

We will build a space that will have something to offer everyone and that will bring our community together.