Durness Development Group

Durness Development Group Ltd are a community charity, our aims are to work with the local community to ensure that Durness continues to be a thriving and sustainable place in which to live and work.
The special economic challenges which remote communities in the Highland area face mean that even the smallest intervention can have a major impact. So, we aim to work with residents, businesses and social enterprises within the Parish of Durness to support on-going and sustainable growth. We will also work in partnership with other communities where mutual benefit can be achieved. Our group works for the interest of the whole community and our development projects are guided by our values of inclusion, openness and transparency.

Our current projects include:

  • the potential purchase of the land around the lighthouse at Cape Wrath, this will ensure continued public access to this much loved visitor attraction.
  • Building a harbour at Loch Eriboll to ensure safe and equitable access to the sea for all.
  • We are exploring the possibility of a community owned business, which may include any combination of a brewery/distillery/smokehouse and Bistro.


01971 511732

Key contact: Sarah Fuller