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Community Land Scotland

Land Reform Campaign

Our campaign ‘Scotland for sale! But who is buying…?’ has been launched to raise awareness around the many issues surrounding land justice in Scotland:

We’re excited to get the discussion going at a bigger and broader level. We want everyone to be speaking about why land reform is important.

To keep up to date with campaign news, briefings, and ways to get involved, join the campaign by clicking the button below.

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Our Campaign:

Scotland has one of the most concentrated landownership patterns in the world.

Swipe through the slides to understand more about why that is.

Did you know that 432 people own 50% of Scotland’s privately owned rural land? That’s one of the most concentrated landownership patterns in the whole world.

Did you know that Scotland’s land is being bought and sold at a large scale for carbon offsetting projects?

Swipe through to understand how this is impacting the land market and local communities, and what can be done to help address these injustices and tackle the climate crisis.

Scotland’s for sale, and carbon offsetting schemes are buying it to sell carbon credits to the likes of Shell, Thales and Barclays.

If you want to find out more, read the article by the Ferret: Revealed: The big firms snapping up Scottish carbon credits (

Our land reform campaign, and ongoing land struggles across Scotland, build on centuries of resistance from Scottish communities against land injustices. Swipe through to read a little bit about some of these stories.

If you have stories of your own from your local area, share them. If you want to get involved, get in touch!

Is it a coincidence that Scotland’s biodiversity is so depleted when so few people own the land? This week we’re exploring that link.

Scotland’s rural housing crisis is worsening – the current housing system is broken. When communities own the land they live on housing needs can be prioritised, leading to more sustainable, thriving rural places.


If you are interested in our campaign, please contact Josh Doble or Flora Brown.