Become a Member

Full or Aspiring membership with Community Land Scotland is open to geographic community groups who either already own or who aspire to own land for the benefit of the community.

Membership Categories

There are two membership categories that community groups can apply for:

Full members must have an open membership to people living in the geographic area and can own or be working towards owning land. There must be protections in your governing documents to ensure local control of your Board or Committee. Organisations must be formally constituted e.g. Company Limited by Guarantee, SCIO etc.

Aspiring members are non-constituted organisations that are working towards Full Membership criteria.  This membership will apply for 1 year and will be reviewed upon expiry of that period.  Aspiring Members shall not be entitled to vote.

If you are unsure which category you are in, please email:

How to Join

If your organisation would like to become a member of Community Land Scotland, please fill out our Membership Application Form, alternatively download and return a hard copy of the form.

Membership Fee

There is an annual membership fee of £50 for post-acquisition community landowners. There is no membership fee charged for those organisations that are working towards owning land or buildings.

If you are able and would like to make a further donation which would assist our work in supporting you and the rest of our members, please Make a Donation

As a Member of Community Land Scotland you will be part of a growing network of community landowners and aspiring community landowners throughout Scotland.

Being part of this network means that you will be able to share your own knowledge and experiences with those in similar situations, and benefit from that shared by others.

Community Land Scotland is made up of its members; it will be ‘your’ organisation. As a member, you will influence the work that we do and be a part of the wider movement supporting community land ownership in Scotland.

Not only will you be a part of this movement, but through your membership, you will strengthen our voice in the arenas where we work to influence policy and support the network.

Members at our Annual Conference 2014

What will you get from your membership with Community Land Scotland?

 In addition to showing support for community land ownership, membership with Community Land Scotland will give you the following benefits;

  • Discounted rates for Community Land Scotland events
  • A louder voice: as a member, you give us the ability to represent the sector on your behalf
  • A say in what we do: as a member, you have the right to vote at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and influence our work throughout the year
  • Access to our closed Facebook group for Member
  • Support through the buyout process and through post buyout challenges
  • Access to knowledge held within the wider network
  • Information and updates, through occasional emails and a monthly newsletter, on our work and news/developments regarding community land ownership in Scotland

What our members say –

“We received great support during the early stages”
Tiree Development Trust

“The welcome extended to us as new members has been superb”
Isle of Canna Community Development Trust

“We are being heard at all the highest levels”
West Harris Trust

“Community Land Scotland are approachable, well-connected & highly thought of. We feel well represented.”
Isle of Rum Community Trust

“Community Land Scotland has been extremely helpful over policy issues”
Aigas Community Forest

“Community Land Scotland keeps its members up to date with regular information on what’s out there”
The Findhorn Village Conservation Company

“What Community Land Scotland is doing is incredible and at the cutting edge of where Scotland should be heading”
Ulva Ferry LDO

“Community Land Scotland is doing an important and vital job of representing this sector and raising the profile and prospects for greater community landownership.”
Assynt Foundation