Policy Resources

Recent research and papers

Land for the Common Good: Community Land Scotland’s manifesto for a Sustainable Scotland

Local Government and Communities Committee report at which CLS gave evidence on the Planning Bill – February 2018

Response to the Planning (Scotland) Bill – January 2018

CLS Response to the Consultation from The European Nature Trust on the creation of a `Highland Wilderness Reserve`. – January 2018

Community Land Scotland Position Paper on `rewilding’ more generally. – January 2018

The European Nature Trust proposal for a Highland Wilderness reserve. – January 2018

Response to Islands Bill consultation at Stage 1 – September 2017

Forest and Land Bill – Call for Evidence Response from Community Land Scotland – August 2017

Response to consultation on engaging communities in decisions relating to land – June 2017

Response to consultation on the future of the planning system – March 2017

Response to consultation on the long term management of the Crown Estate Scotland  – March 2017

Response to consultation on the Land Rights and Responsibilities Statement – March 2017

Position paper on crofting and community owned land

Response to the Digital Economy Bill – October 2016

Briefing to MSPs on Stage 3 of the Land Reform Bill – March 2016
A briefing to MSPs by Community Land Scotland Policy Director, Peter Peacock

Local People Leading – A Vision for a Stronger Community Sector – March 2016
Report produced by the Scottish Community Alliance (SCA), with contributions from Community Land Scotland and other members of the SCA

CNES Main Issues Report – February 2016
Community Land Scotland response to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar Draft Development Plan Main Issues Report.

Gaelic Language Commitment / Aithris Poileasaidh Gàidhlig – February 2016

2016 Manifesto ‘asks’ – January 2016

Public interest reasoning for full disclosure of who owns Scotland’s land – 6 January 2016 (Version updated on 10/01/16 to reflect small additional references to crofting)

Scotland’s Community Land Story – October 2015
A submission to the Land Access Forum by Community Land Scotland Policy Director, Peter Peacock, which seeks to capture, in shorthand, key elements of Scotland’s land reform history and contemporary policy development story.

Comparison of the Land Reform (Scotland) Bill with the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Forests and Fisheries in the context of National Food Security – revised, October 2015
A paper by Megan MacInnes, published by Community Land Scotlland, which analyses the Land Reform Bill currently before the Scottish Parliament against the provisions on the internationally agreed Voluntary Guidance on the Governance of Tenure.

Scotland: Winning Progress in Land Reform and Community Land Rights – May 2015
Presentation by Policy Director Peter Peacock to the International Land Coalition’s Global Land Forum in Dakar

Rights-based land reform in Scotland: Making the case in the light of international experience – Professor James Hunter, March 2014
Discussion Paper commissioned for Community Land Scotland’s Bunchrew Seminar on land reform & human rights


We have a “right to roam” but we have no right to know who owns the land on which we walk
Peter Peacock, Community Land Scotland (January 2016)

“Last Word” – Institute of Chartered Accountants of Scotland
Lorne Macleod, Community Land Scotland – as published in the CA magazine, September 2015

Land Reform Bill is a great step but here’s why we must push for greater change
Lorne Macleod, Community Land Scotland (August 2015)

The wheel keeps turning on community land rights and land reform in Scotland
Peter Peacock, Community Land Scotland (July 2015)

Scotland’s Community Land Ownership Story
David Cameron, Community Land Scotland (August 2014)

The importance of land and associated asset ownership
David Cameron, Community Land Scotland (August 2014)

Empowering Communities through Land Reform
David Cameron, Community Land Scotland (April 2014)

Land – Not out of our hands
David Cameron, Community Land Scotland (July 2013)

Half of Scotland is owned by 608 people
David Cameron, Community Land Scotland (May 2013)

Speeches / Presentations

Short speeches on Land and Human Rights – December 2015
Short speeches by Policy Director Peter Peacock, and others, given at Scottish Human Rights Commission Conference giving perspectives on the difference Human Rights thinking has been making to land reform policy debate in Scotland.

Eight Steps to Community Ownership
Presentation for aspiring communities showing the steps towards community land ownership

Human Rights – Land Ownership Speech – June 2012
Speech delivered by David Cameron at SCVO’s The Gathering 2012

Historic policy documents


Future Islands Bill – Community Land Scotland Consultation Response – December 2015

DECC FIT Scheme Consultation Response – October 2015

Evidence from Community Land Scotland on Land Reform (Scotland) Bill 2015 – As submitted – August 2015

Stage 3 MSP briefing for Community Empowerment Bill – June 2015

Initial CLS briefing paper on the devolution of the Crown Estate – June 2015

Land Reform in Scotland: Final Report – March 2015

Consultation Response on Review of the Croft House Grant Scheme – March 2015

Consultation Response to Land Reform Bill – February 2015

Draft Regulations on the question of `abandoned or neglected’ land provided to RACCE Committee by Scottish Government to aid considerations at Stage 2 – February 2015

2nd Report, 2015 (Session 4): Stage 1 Report on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill – January 2015

Community situation illustrations for policy on new community right to buy – January 2015

Legal matters relating to the Community Empowerment Bill and the question of `abandoned’ or `neglected’ land, and other matters – January 2015


Further Evidence on Community Empowerment Bill – November 2014

Community Land Scotland’s Submission to National Trust for Scotland: A Place for Heritage – Land Reform – 7th October 2014

Evidence to the Local Government and Regeneration Committee of the Scottish Parliament on the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Bill – September 2014

Scottish Affairs Committee Oral Evidence: Land Reform in Scotland – 8th July 2014

Agricultural Holdings Review Submission – July 2014

Wild Fisheries Review Submission of Evidence – June 2014

Initial Reaction to LRRG Final Report – May 2014

Bunchrew Land Declaration (full version) – March 2014
This declaration was adopted following a meeting at Bunchrew House, by Inverness, Scotland on 19 and 20 March 2014 involving land policy and reform interests from Scotland,the rest of the UK and internationally and which explored land reform in Scotland within an international context and with particular reference to the achievement of greater social justice and the realisation of human rights.

Bunchrew Land Declaration (condensed) – March 2014

CEB Consultation Response – 23rd January 2014
Submission to Community Empowerment Bill Consultation


Wild Land Submission – December 2013
Submission to the Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) consultation on Wild Land

SAC Hearing Oral Evidence – 2nd December 2013
Uncorrected Transcript of Oral Evidence given at Scottish Affairs Committee hearing on land reform

SAC Land Reform Evidence – Full Submission – October 2013
Evidence to the Scottish Affairs Committee inquiry into land reform

Initial Reaction to the LRRG Interim Report – 23rd May  2013

Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights Submission – February 2013
Submission to the consultation on Scotland’s National Action Plan for Human Rights

Land Reform Review Group – Submission for First Call for Evidence – January 2012
Submission of evidence in response to the first call for evidence from the Land Reform Review Group


CERB Consultation Submission – 25th September 2012
Response to the Scottish Government consultation on a potential Community Empowerment and Renewal Bill


Highland Council Community Benefit Policy Speech 
Speech delivered in late 2011 to a conference organised by the Highland Council on their policy toward the use of funds for community benefit arising from renewables development and represents Community Land Scotland’s policy on the Councils proposals.

A New Scottish Land Fund Policy Briefing – September 2011

Crown Estate Policy Paper – August 2011