A Long and Tangled Saga: a conversation about the Pairc Community Buyout

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Date(s) - 13/12/2021
7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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In his new book, A Long and Tangled Saga, Dr Bob Chambers, a leading crofting historian, provides a painstaking and independent account of the Pairc community buyout which has become a landmark case in the history of land reform in Scotland. He describes in detail the many challenges faced by the small Pairc crofting community in seeking to purchase their estate, and sets out his own conclusions on the lessons to be learnt from this 13-years long but ultimately successful struggle – particularly for Government and other public sector agencies and for crofting communities throughout Scotland.

The event will include a conversation between Dr Chambers and Agnes Rennie about his many years of research on the Pairc Estate Community Buyout, and will allow time for Q&A from attendees.

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About the book:

“This book tells of land reform under the most challenging of circumstances. How a tiny group of dedicated people overcame their setbacks, conflicts, and inexperience. Here is a chronicle – essential for voluntary groups and policy makers – of how a scattering of villages, hanging on by a thread, pleated from that very thread a rope that pulled life back into their community.”
Alastair McIntosh
Ecologist, writer, academic and activist

“This book is an inspiring account of what can be achieved by a community who had the tenacity, the belief, and the desire to make life better for themselves. It should encourage people everywhere in Scotland and beyond.”
David Cameron
Harris businessman, and Director of Community Land Scotland

“Bob Chambers has written a painstakingly researched and well put-together account of how people in the Pairc area of Lewis managed to obtain ownership of the estate on which they live.”
James Hunter
Emeritus Professor at the University of the Highlands and Islands, author, and crofting historian

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About the author:

Dr. Bob Chambers is a historian who has become the recognised authority on Hebridean land resettlement – government backed schemes since the late nineteenth century to create new crofts and townships and to enlarge existing ones as a response to the notorious Highland Clearances. He was the first History Ph.D. graduate of the Centre for History at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Bob is the author of many detailed books on land settlement in the islands and has researched and written extensively on land issues in the Hebrides. He is a regular visitor to Lewis and knows the Pairc area well, taking a close interest in the seminal Pairc Trust community buyout story as its intriguing twists and turns unfolded.