Meet our Supporters

Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds was born and brought-up in Ness on the Isle of Lewis. Seven years ago, after ten years on the mainland, she returned to the island. Sally is a keen crofter and actively involved in the local community. After 5 years as an agricultural consultant, she decided there must be more to life than IACS forms and… Read more »

Norman MacAskill

Norman MacAskill worked until recently as a senior manager in the third sector with responsibility for rural policy and rural development initiatives. He now works for the charity Lead Scotland, which seeks to widen access to learning for disabled young people and adults and carers across Scotland. Norman supports Community Land Scotland because… Community Land Scotland… Read more »

Jonathan Rosenberg

Jonathan Rosenberg is a community ownership practitioner in England where he is the Chair of Walterton & Elgin Community Homes, a 650 home housing association in community ownership since 1992, and community organiser for West Ken Gibbs Green Community Homes fighting the largest on-site redevelopment in the world outside of Chine at Earl’s Court. Jonathan… Read more »

Jonathan Hedges

Jonathan Hedges lives and works on a croft in Rogart with his family. Jonathan supports Community Land Scotland because… “I support Community Land Scotland for the high standard of debate by the organisation and its members. Land reform is sometimes referred to as the politics of envy. In my opinion it is the politics of community,… Read more »

Andy Wightman

Andy Wightman is a freelance writer, researcher and analyst specialising in land reform, land tenure, land rights and landownership and is a leading advocate of land reform in Scotland. Andy supports Community Land Scotland because… “Community ownership of land is a key means of revitalising communities and local democracy”

Elaine Morrison

Elaine Morrison is an educator, facilitator, researcher and activist who has worked with communities in Scotland over the past 20 years on issues around energy, housing and poverty. She lives in a clearance village in Argyll surrounded by a forest owned by a Surrey-based investment company. Elaine supports Community Land Scotland because… “Land ownership patterns where… Read more »

Kenny Wright

Kenny Wright is from the central belt and now lives in Inverness. Kenny supports Community Land Scotland because… “I have been aware of some of the issues connected with land reform for some time such as rural depopulation and the high cost of owning or renting housing in rural and urban Scotland. However until I… Read more »

Ben Miller

Ben Miller has campaigned on sustainability issues for many years and worked for the Scottish Greens at Holyrood. He now works in the energy industry. Ben supports Community Land Scotland because… “I’ve been to visit some of the community-owned areas on the west coast and it’s clear that this model is offering so many new… Read more »

Jim Hunter

Jim Hunter is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of the Highlands and Islands. The author of twelve books about the Highlands and about the area’s worldwide diaspora, he’s also been active in the public life of the area. In the 1980s he was director of the Scottish Crofters Union, now the Scottish Crofting… Read more »

David Niven

David, Stirling, supports Community Land Scotland because… Supporting communities to secure ownership of local land is a sustainable way to empower local people to make decisions about their collective futures. Communities that own land can democratically shape and realise their own destinies in ways that consultations and other efforts by even the most benevolent of… Read more »