What We Do

Community Land Scotland was established in 2010 as a response to the need for a collective voice for community landowners in Scotland.

Our current membership includes community landowners from across Scotland – from Lewis to the Borders – owning and managing over 550,000 acres and a wide range of assets between them.

Our vision:

Our vision is for the community ownership of land and buildings to be a significant driver of sustainable development across the whole of Scotland

Our key objectives are to:

1. To be the representative voice for Scotland’s community landowners

2. To promote the sustainable development benefits of community landownership and encourage more community ownership of land and buildings throughout Scotland

3. To facilitate networking, mutual support and knowledge exchange between community landowners

4. To collaborate with other organisations to ensure that community landowners can access the support they need

Our values:

1.  We believe that we cannot create a more socially just Scotland without addressing the issue of concentrated land ownership.

2.  Supporting the growth of community land ownership is part of developing a more diverse land ownership pattern

3. We believe that communities should have the opportunity to lead development in their areas and an important way of achieving this is the democratic ownership of local land and assets.

4. We believe that communities should benefit more from the natural resources in their areas which can be achieved through the democratic ownership of local natural assets

We are members of the International Land Coalition which seeks to support community land rights and land reform movements around the world.

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