Community Land Scotland welcomes growth in young people in Uist

New research has shown a striking growth in the number of young people either returning to live in Uist or moving there for the first time. Most of the islands of Eriskay, South Uist and Benbecula have been in community ownership for eleven years during which time the number of births has gone up by two thirds. It would be interesting to know if the population growth is down to the work done by the community landowner as has been seen in other parts of the Western Isles.

It is heartening to see that community activities are themselves a draw to young people.

At a meeting of young returners, participants commented: “social life here on Uist is so much better than in Glasgow.  In Glasgow we just went to the local pub, here we end up going to ceilidhs and community events, and get involved in helping out in these activities.”

The full Young Returners press release can be found here.