John Emmeus Davis

John Emmeus Davis is a city planner based in the United States. He is a founding partner of Burlington Associates in Community Development, a national consulting cooperative established in 1993. He previously served for ten years as director of housing for the City of Burlington, Vermont under Mayor Bernie Sanders and his successor, Mayor Peter Clavelle.

Community-owned land, managed and developed by a local community land trust (CLT), has been a prominent part of his professional practice, teaching, and writing. Among his many publications, Davis has produced several books featuring CLTs, including The Community Land Trust Handbook (1982), The City-CLT Partnership (2008), The Community Land Trust Reader (2010), and Manuel d’antispéculation immobilière (2014). He was also a co-producer of Arc of Justice, a documentary film released in 2016 that tells the story of the “first CLT,” a product of the 1960s Civil Rights Movement in the American South (

He presently serves as a co-director of the Center for CLT Innovation, a program of the Global Land Alliance (

John supports Community Land Scotland because….

“I am a great admirer of Scotland’s land reform movement, especially its focus on community ownership and community empowerment. The work being done by Community Land Scotland and by community activists across your country provides important lessons for land reform advocates in other countries (including my own) who can only dream of matching your success.”