Welcome to Strengthening of the Land Reform Bill

Commenting on a number of improvements made to the Land Reform Bill in Parliament today, a spokesman for Community Land Scotland said,

“The Land Reform Bill had very significant and important changes made to it today, strengthening references to the human rights of ordinary people through land reform, making improvements to how the new Land Commission will be structured and work, and in opening up the transparency of who owns Scotland.

The debate in the Committee today and the general sense of unity of purpose across all the members of the Committee and beyond to secure a workable answer to the best way to achieve transparency in who owns Scotland was excellent to witness.

We recognise there is still more to do to refine the fine detail of the proposals right through to Stage 3 of the Parliamentary process and we look forward to working with Committee members and the Scottish government in that task.

Community Land Scotland and other stakeholders have put considerable effort into shaping the Bill and strengthening its measures and that work is delivering important changes to help future communities with new rights and powers in relation to land.”