David Cameron calls for support for radical land reform

29th January 2015

A rallying call to anyone in Scotland keen to support radical change in land ownership has been made by David Cameron, Chair of Community Land Scotland.

With little over a week to go until the deadline for comments (10th February) he is encouraging individuals and groups to make representations to the Scottish Government, no matter how short they are.

David Cameron said,

“Community Land Scotland was formed just 5 years ago partly because we felt the momentum had gone out of land reform. Today, we have the opportunity to back renewed momentum for change.

“Community land owners are showing there are new ways to own land and bring change, and community ownership is just one way. Scotland still has the most concentrated land ownership patterns anywhere in the world and they concentrate influence, power and wealth in very few and often very privileged hands. The time for change is long past and we need to take the opportunity we have today to promote the change we want.

“The Scottish Government is proposing a new Land Reform Commission, giving Ministers new powers to intervene in land transactions and ask whether a particular ownership would be in the public interest. There are also proposals to open up transparency about who owns what land in Scotland, as well as a strong policy statement that land ownership and use should be about greater fairness and social justice. These are all matters that are worth supporting.

“The forces for the status quo are rallying their troops to argue against these long overdue changes and complaining that their human rights may be affected. I want to defend human rights, but my principal interest is to see the human rights of the majority advanced, not used only to protect the interests of a privileged few.

“It is vital that people in Scotland who feels as I do, that the land laws of Scotland need changing, that we need more diversity of ownership, that we need greater fairness and social justice in land – then they need to make their views and support for change known to the Scottish Government.

Even a simple letter or email saying that, will help bring about change.”


Anyone wishing to make representations to the Scottish Government can do so by going on to the Scottish Government Website, or by e mailing LandReform@scotland.gov.uk