Transition Stirling

Transition Stirling are a friendly group of people who like to share practical skills as part of a small-scale local response to the global challenges of climate change, economic hardship and shrinking supplies of cheap energy. Transition Stirling was formed in October 2009 and is a community group for people who want to work on positive solutions to the problems the Stirling area will face in the future due to rising oil prices and climate change.

One of the main ideas of the Transition movement is to bring back skills which have been lost during the era of cheap oil. In the strong resilient communities of the future people will need to build things, repair things, make their own clothing, grow food etc.

You can find out more about some past and current activities here.

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Transition Stirling
Office 23
Stirling Business Centre,
Wellgreen Place,
01786 451888

Key contact: Pamela Candea