Kyle & Lochalsh Community Trust

Our vision is to make Lochalsh a better place to live, work & visit.

We will do this by working in partnership with others,encourage local pride and a greater sense of identity,seize opportunities for growth and sustainable development ,help others to deliver projects in our area and act as a catalyst for change to strengthen our community.

The Plock of Kyle was bequeathed to the people of Kyle of Lochalsh in 1946.  It is a large area of land – almost 100 acres – adjacent to the village and is a remarkable community space and asset. As well as being a natural heritage asset,  the Plock has in the past provided space for a golf course, a viewpoint and picnic site and a path network, as well as giving access to the sea at Pladaig Bay.  It fell into disuse some years ago and the land became overgrown, unmanaged, largely inaccessible and unused by (and even unknown to) much of the community.  An in depth community consultation emphasised the importance of the Plock to the village and its potential to act as a focus for community regeneration.

Following a successful application to the Big Lottery’s Community Spaces programme the Trust has been working over the last two years to improve access and carry out environmental works and has created a high quality location for low level walks in Kyle, offering spectacular views. Developing the new entrance and access road at the former Skye Bridge office and the A87 has made a massive improvement both for the short-term use of the Plock and essential for any further development in the future.

Bringing the Plock back into use has given people in Kyle the chance to benefit from their natural heritage once more, walking in the area and enjoying the environment and spectacular views.  Local people have taken part in the project, eg. working under supervision to help clear the path network and control invasive species.

Following on from this project further developments will take place as the community continues to discuss the Plock and how use of the space can be maximised to benefit local people.  This might include establishing a Ranger (possibly in partnership with the National Trust for Scotland, a neighbouring landowner), re-instating the golf course, developing educational activity and tourism related developments.   The Plock is a major asset for the people of Kyle and can contribute to the physical and economic well-being of the community.


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Key contact: Stuart Taylor