Culbokie Community Trust

The Culbokie Community Trust (CCT) was established in June 2014 as a company limited by guarantee and achieved charitable status in July 2015.

The principle concern of CCT was to improve services in the village following a rapid increase in the number of houses over the past 40 years taking the population from around 80 in 1961 to over 800 in 2011. However, it does not have a recognisable centre and has a relatively poor provision of service compared to other villages in the area. In addition there are a further 130 more houses still in the planning pipeline.

In early 2015, CCT was successful in purchasing 0.5ha of land in the centre of the village under the Community Right to Buy Scheme with funding from the Scottish Land Fund. Plans for the site have been drawn up following extensive community consultation which include a village square, a café and health treatment rooms, an enterprise building, covered space and some small very accessible housing units for the elderly. Feasibility work was undertaken by Urban Animation. This development work is progressing. In the meantime, the Trust is organising a series of family events on the site, and also developing an all abilities path in Culbokie Woods, researching and promoting the history of the village, maintaining the village pump area and providing dog fouling bins in the woods.


01349 877822

Key contact: Penny Edwards