Meet our Supporters

John Kinsley

John is an architect with a particular interest in community led housing. Having led one of the first urban community led housing projects in Scotland which completed recently in Portobello, Edinburgh, he is now in talks with a number of groups across Scotland. In addition to design and construction expertise, he can provide advice on… Read more »

Ian Ross

I am a forester by profession and for over 30 years lectured at the Scottish School of Forestry – initially full-time and then as a part-time visiting lecturer. My teaching inputs included Forest and Social Policy. I have held a number of other roles and offices including – Highland Councillor and also chairman of SNH…. Read more »

Sophie Jerram

Nga mihi nui; big greetings. I am really excited to hear about your work from across the seas in New Zealand/Aotearoa.  A few years ago I read Heather Menzies’ Reclaiming the Commons; a book which woke me up to the effect of the Highland Clearances.  She is a Canadian who returned to Scotland to examine… Read more »

Jodi MacLeod

Jodi MacLeod lives on the Isle of Mull where she grew up and works on the Our Island Home project for Rural Housing Scotland. The project seeks to help young people in the Hebrides remain in their island communities through access to affordable housing. Jodi supports Community Land Scotland because… “Community Land Scotland represents an… Read more »

Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds was born and brought-up in Ness on the Isle of Lewis. Seven years ago, after ten years on the mainland, she returned to the island. Sally is a keen crofter and actively involved in the local community. After 5 years as an agricultural consultant, she decided there must be more to life than IACS forms and… Read more »

Norman MacAskill

Norman MacAskill worked until recently as a senior manager in the third sector with responsibility for rural policy and rural development initiatives. He now works for the charity Lead Scotland, which seeks to widen access to learning for disabled young people and adults and carers across Scotland. Norman supports Community Land Scotland because… Community Land Scotland… Read more »

Jonathan Rosenberg

Jonathan Rosenberg is founder and Chair of Walterton & Elgin Community Homes, a 650 home Housing Association in West London, which is one of the very few genuinely community owned landlords in England. Jonathan supports Community Land Scotland because… “I have, over the past few years, visited many community land projects in Scotland and met… Read more »

Jonathan Hedges

Jonathan Hedges lives and works on a croft in Rogart with his family. Jonathan supports Community Land Scotland because… “I support Community Land Scotland for the high standard of debate by the organisation and its members. Land reform is sometimes referred to as the politics of envy. In my opinion it is the politics of community,… Read more »

Megan MacInnes

Megan MacInnes grew up on Skye, lived overseas for many years and is now based in Applecross. Megan supports Community Land Scotland because… “I have been working on land rights issues for more than a decade but until recently had only been focusing on how to secure community land rights and protect indigenous peoples and farmers… Read more »

Andy Wightman

Andy Wightman is a freelance writer, researcher and analyst specialising in land reform, land tenure, land rights and landownership and is a leading advocate of land reform in Scotland. Andy supports Community Land Scotland because… “Community ownership of land is a key means of revitalising communities and local democracy”