Megan MacInnes

Megan MacInnes grew up on Skye, lived overseas for many years and is now based in Applecross.

Megan supports Community Land Scotland because…

“I have been working on land rights issues for more than a decade but until recently had only been focusing on how to secure community land rights and protect indigenous peoples and farmers from what is called “land grabbing”, overseas – mainly in Asia and Africa. It was only when I started planning the move back to Scotland that I realised how much there is in common between the work of Community Land Scotland and its members, and the communities I have been working with, for example in Cambodia and Burma. This work to support communities through the right to buy process in Scotland is viewed as incredibly exciting and progressive internationally. It’s exciting for me to be able to be part of this and to help others globally find out what they can learn from what’s happening here at home.”